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Mid North Community Passenger Network

Essential travel options for the entire community. We will get you there with care.

Volunteer Drivers

Our goal is to provide, in partnership with the Community, State and Local Government and Private Enterprise, a sustainable community passenger transport service that has the capacity to meet the growing needs of transport for disadvantaged communities within the Mid North Region.

Volunteer drivers provide transport assistance to people who are identified as transport disadvantaged by the Network Coordinator using cars provided by the Network based at local hospitals throughout the area.

Destinations for client trips may include the following:

  • Health and medical services.
  • Social wellbeing.
  • Daily living activities.
  • Shopping to local centres.


Drivers are usually only required to drive within business hours. Volunteer drivers are always consulted before a trip and always have the option of saying no; we understand that our Volunteers have additional commitments and personal requirements.

Become a Volunteer Driver

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Volunteer for the Mid North Community Passenger Network (MNCPN).

The MNCPN is a not for profit regional based organisation, which aims to make a difference for those who are unable to organise their own transport predominantly to and from Medical appointments all over the region including Adelaide.

The MNCPN helps arrange transport for an array of people from the young to the elderly and disabled to their nominated appointments when there is no other alternative.

The MNCPN is funded by the Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council, The Regional Council of Goyder, Wakefield Regional Council, Adelaide Plains Council, DCSI, CHSP, & DPTI.

The MNCPN is part of a Network of Community transport services across the state.

Essential requirements

Drivers must hold a current South Australian Drivers Licence and be willing to undertake the Volunteer Driver Accreditation Programme (VDAP) which comprises.

A DSCI Clearance (Mandatory)
Medical Examination
Routine Driving Assessment

The cost of the VDAP is funded by DCSI and DPTI. As a Volunteer you will be required to pay the volunteer reduced fee for the clearance check and will be reimbursed in full on completion of the clearance.

  • Drivers must always maintain discretion and confidentiality regarding work with the MNCPN.
  • Drivers must be punctual, reliable, well groomed, and caring towards the clients.
  • Strictly obey all road rules.
  • Zero tolerance of drugs and alcohol whilst driving for the Network.
  • All transport trips must be referred to the Coordinator first.