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The Mid North Community Passenger Network (MNCPN) is a not for profit regional based community service, which aims to make a difference for those who are unable to organise their own transport to specialist and medical appointments and social outings within the Mid North region and Adelaide.

The MNCPN helps arrange transport for an array of people from the young to the elderly, transport disadvantaged, and people with disability to their nominated appointments when there is no other alternative.

The MNCPN is funded by the Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council, The Regional Council of Goyder, Wakefield Regional Council, Adelaide Plains Council, the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI), and Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

The MNCPN is part of a network of community transport services across the state.

With your help we can make a difference to others in the community.


Volunteer Drivers

Volunteer drivers provide transport assistance using cars provided by the Network that are based at local hospitals and councils throughout the Mid North.

Destinations for client trips may include the following:

•    Medical and specialist appointments.
•    Daily living activities.
•    Shopping to local centres.

Drivers are usually only required to drive within business hours. Volunteer drivers are always consulted before a trip and always have the option of saying no as we understand that our Volunteers have personal commitments and requirements.


The Mid North Community Passenger Network has 7 cars based at hospitals & councils over the Mid North region.

•    Clare Council
•    Burra Council
•    Eudunda Hospital
•    Riverton Hospital
•    Balaklava Hospital
•    Hamley Bridge Hospital
•    Mallala Township

These cars are used on a daily basis which includes trips not only within the Mid North region but to and from Adelaide.

"Your help will ensure a better service for people living in the Mid North region".

Volunteer Driver Manfred (Robertstown) - Why I do community driving is because it allows me to give back to the community, I enjoy being able to help people with limited transport resources, and also social interaction with like-minded people.
Volunteer Driver Pam (Hamley Bridge) - I have met many new people through the network; both clients as well as other drivers. Damien and Wayne have always been helpful with any questions or requests I might have. It's a great service for many and well worth volunteering my time.
Volunteer Driver Dean (Mallala) - That is very rewarding.  I enjoy driving and it gives me a reason to be able to go out and it gives me a good feeling when the client expresses their gratitude.
Volunteer Driver Doug (Clare) - The MNCPN provides me an opportunity to volunteer, meet people, and give back to the general community having recently moved to the area. Each drive is agreed between the coordinator and the volunteer driver on a case by case situation and this flexibility is important as I do not have to commit to any ongoing schedules.

Become a Volunteer

You can contact the office directly and talk to the Coordinator who will answer any question you may have.

Damien Graham
P: 8842 1677
M: 0400 691 167
Click here to email
Fax: 8842 3624

Essential Requirements

Drivers must hold a current South Australian Drivers Licence and be willing to undertake the Volunteer Driver Accreditation Programme (VDAP) which comprises of;

1.    A DCSI clearance form (mandatory).
2.    Medical examination.
3.    Routine driving assessment.
4.    Induction.

Any cost incurred during the accreditation process will be reimbursed by DPTI on completion.

•    Drivers must always maintain discretion and confidentiality regarding work with the MNCPN.
•    Drivers must be punctual, reliable, well groomed, and caring towards the clients.
•    Strictly obey all road rules.
•    Zero tolerance of drugs and alcohol whilst driving for the Network.
•    All transport trips must be referred to the Coordinator first.


Once the accreditation is completed the volunteer is accreditated for 6 years, at the 3rd year the volunteer must do a mandatory DCSI check with a medical questionnaire to continue.


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