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Client Registration

Please use this form when travelling for the FIRST TIME with us. 

You MUST register before booking a trip with us and only need to do this once. Returning customers do not need to register. 

Client Consent

To Ensure the client is able to make an informed decision about consent to the disclosure of information, staff should:

  • Read the client their rights and responsibilities and post a hard copy to the client.
  • Explain that the clients information will only be released to any other services or used in auditing purposes if the client agrees.
  • Advise that the referral for service can still proceed if the client does not want information disclosed.
  • Is the client willing for staff to advocate on their behalf to re-align appointment times and days to align with available vehicles.
  • The client is aware that the information given is true and correct and will be in a a confidential database

If you are 65 or older, you must register with My Aged Care (MAC). Phone 1800 200 422
If you are already registered please enter the client number below.
Emergency Contact #1
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Costs / Reimbursements

You are welcome to make a booking straight after completing this registration process. If you have any questions, please contact us on 8842 1677

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Please use this form to book a trip with us.

This form can only be used if the passenger has registered in the form above. 

If you have never used our services before, you MUST register first above. 

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The booking is only confirmed after you have received a confirmation information from the Community Passenger Network Coordinator.